Solar Farm Given Go Ahead on Anglesey

Anglesey Council's planning and orders committee have approved plans for the 70 acre development in Bodorgan, which could generate electricity for up to 4,500 homes.

Developers Bodorgan Environment Management Ltd will install 3,200 solar modules in six fields at Tai Moelion Farm.

An Anglesey Council planning report recommended councillors approved the scheme, and said adverse impacts - such as traffic disruption, noise and dust - would be confined to the construction and decommissioning phases of the project.

It added: “Both national and local planning policy provides a presumption in favour of renewable energy development as a means of contributing positively to the wider sustainability agenda.

“The proposal is acceptable in landscape and visual terms, does not harm biodiversity or cultural heritage and does not cause unacceptable detriment to amenity.”

The development will also include 18 3m x 5m x 2.5m inverter/transformer buildings.

Councillors approved the development on conditions, and on the basis that talks between the developer and Anglesey Council the possibility of historical relics on site, with a ruling from Gwynedd Archeological Planning Service.

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Source: G Jones/Rhyl Journal