Unanimous Support for Cambridge College Solar Power Scheme

Trinity College Cambridge gets unanimous support for the installation of solar panels on the roof of the Grade I-listed New Court student accommodation.

Objections were raised by English Heritage who did not understand the justification of potentially ruining the aesthetics and history of the building in favour of what it deemed unnecessary changes.

The Tudor-Gothic style building which dates back to 1825, will receive two rows of solar panels. However, only six panels will be visible from the Garret Hostel Bridge.

Councillor Gail Marchant-Daisley added: “It is a living, used building and as such it has to adapt and be adapted to changing circumstances.”

Dr Rod Pullen, junior bursar at Trinity, said the New Court facilities are below the standard expected by students and the building does not provide particularly good energy efficiency.

Even though new modern features are being installed, Dr Pullen said that the college has not lost sight of its responsibility to retain the historical aspect of the building.

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