SolarWindow™ The "Spray-On" Photovoltaic Window

New Energy Technologies, Inc. a solar energy startup here in the US, has developed a technique to manufacture “spray-on” photovoltaic windows.

SolarWindow™  is a see-through coating, capable of generating electricity on glass windows and on flexible plastics. This technologie have been successfully prototyped and featured at public demonstrations, and by numerous media outlets and publications.

The Company’s most recent patent filing for protection of brand new applications was its electricity-generating SolarWindow™. Scientists envision SolarWindow™ not only powering the estimated 85 million homes and commercial buildings in America, but additionally have identified products where the electricity generated on glass and plastic surfaces could be used for various point-of-use applications. Such applications would allow for the electricity generated on SolarWindow™ to be used directly on the glass surface or at points nearby, eliminating the need to transport the electricity to a building’s central power supply through its wiring systems.

“The prospect of engineering today’s passive home and office windows into tomorrow’s self-sufficient see-through power generators stands to significantly improve the way in which we power our lives,” continued Mr. Conklin.

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