DECC FIT Solar PV Installations Week Ending 7th April 2013

Fit Graph

Weekly PV Highlights
There were 1,632 sub 50 kW PV installations registered during the week ending 7th April 2013, compared to 1,981 in the week ending 31st March 2013. 

Although this represents a fall of 17.6% in the weekly total, the latest figure is still broadly in line with weekly figures for 2013.  It is likely that the last two weekly figures would have been affected by the Easter Bank holidays.  This now brings the total number of sub 50 kW solar PVs registered on the MCS database to just under 419,000.

Total capacity installed during the week ending 7th April 2013 was 6.6 MW, 20.7 % lower than that installed during the previous week (8.3 MW).   This fall in the weekly figure was due to installations in the 0-4kW and 10-50kW bands.  The overall increase in installed capacity is at 0.4%, with the level at the end of week ending 7th April 2013 standing at 1.48 GW.