It Pays Dividends To Get Solar PV

The benefits of solar energy have been widely published for many years, with the technology able to make significant inroads on carbon emissions as well as reducing the financial costs of running a home. However, recent studies and conclusions have trigged the need to really highlight these facts again.

At the beginning of this month the energy price comparison website, USwitch, released results stating that collectively, Britons are estimated to owe £637 million to energy firms. The study went on to say that the average annual bill has risen by more than £100 in the last year, with typical householders spending £1353 a year on running their home. This is £830 more than what was being spent in 2004.

It’s not just household bills that have spiralled up in recent times. A report by the Hereford Times has revealed that Herefordshire motorists are paying more than almost anywhere else in the UK. This follows a 9% price hike since January, an increase which is nearly twice the national average rise, making Hereford the third most expensive town to fill-up in (more on the story can be found here).

Installing solar PV panels can offset increases to your electrical bill and the savings made can be used to help pay for other areas of expense, such as the running of your car. Not only this but you’ll be earning an excellent return on generating ‘clean’ energy through the Government backed Feed-in tariff for the next 20 years.

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