GMI Energy Team Complete 1MW Solar PV System for Morrisons

The Morrison’s 59-acre Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) in Bridgwater has now been fitted with over 4000 panels to create a PV system that has a capacity of almost 1MW.

MD of GMI Energy Carl Nielsen commented “The Morrison’s project has presented us with some exciting challenges to overcome. At the Bridgwater site the system is installed on a chilled distribution unit with the load profile of the chiller perfectly matching the generation output of the PV system. The panel layout was designed to fit according to the optimum available roof area with an east/west split that takes into account shading constraints from pipes, parapets and extract flues”.

"The Bridgwater 1MW design required some very complicated engineering of the structure to calculate the maximum capability of the existing structural frame taking into account the suspended loads of the internal fridge box. All this work was carried out in house using our highly experienced construction professionals, we are very fortunate that at GMI we have over 27 years experience in Industrial building construction from our sister construction company”."

“We are delighted that everything is going so well and we look forward to continuing our work as a Morrison’s Stores PLC framework partner.”

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