Enfinity to Supply PV to 800 Homes in South Wales

Monmouthshire Housing Association appointed leading social housing contractor Forrest to complete the installation programme by September this year.

Enfinity has been selected by Forrest to supply over 1.7MW of high performance modules and inverters for the scheme.

System sizes of up to 2.4kWp will be installed on each of the households, providing MHA tenants free electricity generated from the sun and real savings on their electricity bills. In addition the housing association will benefit from the Government's Feed-in Tariff incentive scheme.

Martin Allman, UK Manager of Enfinity, explained that solar remains a wise investment for social housing providers. He said: "Solar PV is a proven low-risk and cost effective way for social landlords to help their tenants reduce their energy bills for 25 years and more. Whilst the Feed-In Tariff levels have fallen considerably since 2011, the cost of the equipment and installation has also come down significantly; and of course we can all see the continuing price hikes on our energy bills."

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