UK Solar Survey iPhone App

A new iPhone app is being launched for the home survey of home Photovoltaic for the UK MCS Solar Installation Market.

The iPhone app is targeted at people that don’t want to rely on the solar companies sales techniques to come and “sell them” a PV installation. The UK Solar Survey app’ is so customers can use the iPhone to do a “self survey” and see if their energy consumption, orientation, shading, roof space and application are correct for PV.

We recently saw an install of Solar PV in Ipswich on a West facing roof with shading from a prominent roof to the south! This customer has clearly been “sold” PV, when in fact a simple “self survey” would have give a more accurate, negative result for PV in this instance.

The UK Solar Survey iPhone app is a great way for people to peruse options and decide if solar PV is right for them using the UK Solar Survey Calculator.


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