DECC FIT Solar PV Installations Week Ending 1st December 2013

FIT GraphWeekly PV Highlights

There were 2,673 sub 50 kW PV installations registered during the week ending 1st December 2013, compared to 2,334 in the week ending 24th November 2013.  This takes the total number of sub 50 kW solar PVs registered on the MCS database to just over 489,800.

Total capacity installed during the week ending 1st December 2013 was 9.8 MW compared to 9.0 MW for the week ending 24th November 2013. The overall increase in installed capacity is 0.6% with the level at the end of week ending  1st December 2013 now standing at 1.76GW.

The latest weekly figures are the highest in terms of installations registered and capacity since the tariff reduction on 1st July 2013.  The higher weekly figure is due to growth in the number of smaller (0-4kW) installations registered.


Download the DECC FIT spreadsheet here