Leeds Launch for UK's Largest City Centre Solar PV System at Clarence Dock

GMI Renewable Energy Group, Town Centre Securities PLC and Rex Procter & Partners have combined to install the solar photovoltaic (pv) system on the roof of Clarence Dock Car Park, adjacent to the Royal Armouries.

The system supplies around 15 per cent of the car park’s electricity and, at the same time, returns over 10 per cent on the investment cost. It will also save 55,000 kg in CO2 emissions a year.

The solar PV system was chosen for a number of its unique attributes, including non-penetrating mounts, greater installed system size, easy mobility and simple maintenance. The project used the existing waterproof car park surface, which was painted white to reflect the sun’s energy.

The system was showcased at a launch event which took place at 12 noon and guests were provided with a tour of the pv scheme.

Ben Ziff, Managing Director of Town Centre Car Parks (TCCP) commented: “The addition of the solar system on our car park links in perfectly with our approach of striving for new innovative ways to improve our business within a sustainable environment. Renewable energy schemes are very much part of our business model at TCS and TCCP.

“GMI Renewables and Rex Procter have done a fantastic job installing the pv scheme ensuring that there has been minimal disruption to our busy 24/7 operation at Clarence Dock car park. This scheme is definitely something to be proud of as it is the UK’s largest city centre system and we are working closely with the team to look at other future opportunities,” he explained.

Mr Ziff added: “We have recently set up two new businesses, TCS Renewable Energy and TCS Solar Limited, and these will be used to identify assets where TCS PLC wants to invest in renewable energy on existing real estate and car park assets already owned by the firm”.

The renewable energy system at Clarence Dock will generate around 2,450,000 Kwh of electricity over the 25-year feed- in-tariff period, making them an excellent investment both financially and environmentally. A total income of £1.25m will be generated from the feed in tariff and save around £250,000 in electricity purchase costs, based on current energy prices.

Jarrod Best, Managing Director of Leeds-based GMI Construction and GMI Renewable Energy, explained: “The system at Clarence Dock is a fantastic example of how solar pv systems can bring benefits to organisations on many fronts. Backed by years of construction experience and specialist knowledge of the renewable energy market, GMI works closely with clients to give them peace of mind. They are not just purchasing a product; they are making a longer term investment and providing a tangible solution that substantiates their green credentials.”

Stuart Kirk, Director of Building Services at Leeds, Bradford and London based Rex Procter & Partners, said: “This solar array is a prime example of how we have linked our knowledge of building services technical solutions with the financial opportunities available within the UK Government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment. We are proud to have project managed this scheme, working with a client who is focused on carbon reduction and a contractor dedicated to delivering the best possible solution”.

GMI are currently in negotiations for several megawatt sized schemes with a range of clients which are looking to be rolled out in the coming months. Rex Procter & Partners undertake renewable and energy efficiency projects in all areas of the property industry, from development feasibility studies to energy management on existing estates, and are currently engaged with a national solar pv roll out programme encompassing 5Mw of renewable electrical energy generation.

GMI Renewable Energy is the latest addition to the established GMI family of companies which complements and adds value to the business’ integrated offering. GMI has over 25 years experience in delivering a wide range of construction schemes for private and public clients.

GMI Renewable Energy Group

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