Function Block Libraries for Photovoltaics from Phoenix Contact

SolarworxThe function block libraries for the PC Worx programming software from Phoenix Contact now offer more opportunities for solar engineering.

The user saves engineering time, with pre-assembled function blocks from Solar Basic V1.30 and Solar Advanced V1.30. Typical tasks associated with PV systems can thereby be easily and quickly programmed and potential sources of error can be avoided.

The libraries contain, among others, function blocks for:
•    Standard I/O components such as analogue inputs, temperature inputs, function and communication modules
•    DC and AC monitoring with Solarcheck and EMpro
•    Communication with Modbus/RTU and TCP devices
•    Alarm generation via SMS
•    Saving values and events as a CSV file
•    Calculating the sun's position for tracking systems
•    Communication with inverters for reading parameters and setting setpoints for active power and reactive power dissipation
•    Setpoints received in analog format for active power dissipation of a PV park are also converted into configurable digital signals.

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