Providing The Right Environment For A G59 Electrical Installation From Rittal

Providing right environment for G59 installations - Source RittalRittal’s range of products can provide the precise environment requirements for a G59 installation.  

As with any electrical installation, the environment for a G59 alternative power connection is critical to protect the sensitive electrical components either indoors or out-doors, regardless of temperature, and irrespective of whether the situation is dusty or clean; all these factors can have a major impact on the reliability and life expectancy of the system.

Rittal’s range of wall-mounted and floor-standing enclosures are suited to a wide variety of locations (inside and out). Furthermore, installers can customise their purchase using software and/or a wide variety of cost-effective technology to maintain ideal environmental conditions and keep their equipment safe.  

Rittal’s design software, for example, provides temperature control management.  Added to this are solutions ranging from fans and filters through to fully-commissioned air conditioning units to manage the internal temperature and control condensation.

All Rittal’s product range meet the standards set under IEC 61439 regulations, from corrosion resistance to impact testing.


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