NICEIC MCS Product Certification

nqaThe NICEIC operates the Microgeneration Certification Scheme for Product Certification in addition to the Installer Scheme. Via our sister company, NQA, we can assist manufacturers to qualify their products as MCS Approved through assessment and certification.

• Why Gain MCS Certification?

· Provides additional marketing from NQA, NICEIC and Gemserv by enabling your products to be listed on the Microgeneration Certification Scheme website
· Allows householders and organisations to gain access to grant funding when using MCS Registered Installers and Products
· The MCS promotes the financial appeal of generating your own energy supply
· Expand or diversify into the fast moving environmental market to capture new opportunities for your organization

• Supporting Services
· NICEIC MCS Installer Scheme
· Environmental Management Certification and training

Application Process
· The application process requires your organisation to meet certain criteria, for more details call our team on 0800 519 5190


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