Control, measurement & monitoring solutions maximise and protect PV investment

Carlo Gavazzi is showcasing its EOS-Array solution for control, protection and monitoring of grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) plants, on Stand M3 at the Solar Power UK event.

A new gateway logger, EOS-Gate, is highlighted alongside Carlo Gavazzi's comprehensive portfolio of integrated power generation and grid monitoring components.

To-date, EOS-Array products are responsible for monitoring 10000 string boxes and 900 installations worldwide; equivalent to a total installed power of 800MWp.

EOS-Gate complements EOS-Array - or EOS-Lite for less sophisticated requirements – to provide a data logging gateway for all scales and complexities of photovoltaic plant. EOS-Array and EOS-Array Lite combine individual modular elements that combine to provide efficient local control to the solar plant. The result is effective information management from small (10kW) and medium-power units up to high power, 200kW plants.  

The new EOS-Gate gathers data (measurement and alarms) from solar power installations powered by EOS-Array or EOS-Array Lite and sends them securely to a central supervisory web portal, enabling users to monitor all their plants from a central location using a simple web browser. Web-based monitoring complements the EOS-Array's capability to provide local control and alarms together with remote alarms via SMS and GSM communications. 'Push' web-services are used in order to avoid firewall related issues.

By using XML-based communications, data can be pushed to multiple monitoring portals, including the Carlo Gavazzi Web Portal and the Fat Spaniel® Web Portal – a platform that likewise allows users to manage their data remotely through an easy and powerful Web based user interface. EOS-Gate logging capabilities, its robust transmission protocol and the 99,9+% availability of Carlo Gavazzi's best-of-breed web-farm together ensure total data security along the whole path from the field to the portal’s servers.

With EOS-Array, measurement and control functions are split into independent modules in order to improve the critical system reliability. Measuring string efficiency and balance-of-system (BOS) efficiency measurements provides dependable data on plant yield of the photovoltaic plant, whilst alarm management allows operators to quickly identify factors that reduce output.  

The system integrates fuse protection for cost and installation time saving and EOS-Array modules feature multicolour LEDs for immediate feedback on variables, alarms, fuse status and communication, showing the relevant details on the display.  

Carlo Gavazzi

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