LG Solar Brings Together Regional Partners Across Europe

The solar industry is ready for a promising future in Europe after a challenging few years. To shape this future alongside its partners, solar specialist and manufacturer of pioneering photovoltaic solutions LG Electronics has since 2014 run its partner programme, LG Pro Solar.

The events bring partners together to engage in a lively forum to exchange news and views on products and market developments. Now in its third year, LG again held regional events throughout Europe to give partners the opportunity to meet and discuss. The events, which took place in November 2018 were a success, with the response overwhelmingly positive.

It was in Amstelveen, the Netherlands, where LG invited its LG PRO partners to the first regional event this fall. Further events followed in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Ulm, Winterthur (Switzerland), London, and Benevello (Italy). The focus of each event was discussing how LG can support its PRO partners further, as well as the LG Solar portfolio, new innovations for the coming year, and an exciting guest presentatio. To top it all off, each region saw an award ceremony for the Best LG recommendation of 2018.

Working together for a successful 2019
During the events, LG provided its partners with an overview of the current market figures and developments as well as its prospects and goals. Measures and ideas were presented in order for LG to achieve its planned growth together with its PRO partners. The participants reported on their positive feedback to LG products, and gave suggestions for products and for further improving the LG PRO Solar Partner Program to LG.

Applauding the best recommendation
In addition to the opporutnity to knowledge-share and exhange ideas, a guest lecture by Prof. Dr. Ing. Volker Quaschning gave the attendees expert insights – and plenty of food for thought – on the issues of energy transition and climate change. Before the participants came together for an evening of reflection and further discussion, the award for Best LG recommendation of 2018 was presented as a fitting conclusion.

"Our 2016 conference already proved that our regional LG Solar PRO partner programme events are a real success - and this year has only strengthened this view. The exchange of ideas is always cooperative and constructive, and is valued by LG and our partners alike," said Michael Harre, vice president of the EU Solar Business Group at LG Electronics. "With the insights we gained form our esteemed PRO partners, we can help them meet the unique needs of local markets, and ensure their long-term success."