Mersen Expands Its Range Of Circuit Protection Devices For 1000 V DC and 1500 V DC Installations

HP15NH Fuses Fuse HoldersMersen is continuing to develop its range of circuit protection devices and equipment for direct current installations. The photovoltaic sector is currently experiencing unprecedented growth, in relation to on-grid systems and for own consumption, and particular attention is therefore required as to the safety of the systems installed.

Mersen's HelioProtection® range is aimed at markets where power levels exceed 100 kWc, and comprises fuses and fuse holders to protect electrical installations made up of more than three strings. In addition to fuses and fuse holders, Mersen also offers lightning arresters and cut-off switches for 1000 V DC and 1500 V DC systems. All products in Mersen's range comply with the standards applicable to photovoltaic installations.

New 1XL and 2XL limited dissipation fuses
In addition to its HP15NH 1500 V DC 3L fuses, ranging from 160 to 400 A, Mersen also now offers new 1XL and 2XL fuses, ranging from 50 to 250 A, specifically for low-power installations. These are characterised by a 20% reduction in heat-related energy loss, compared with other fuses of equivalent size.

HelioProtection fuse holdeHP15NH 3L, 1XL and 2XL fuses are installed directly on busbars or in a fuse holder. For ease of maintenance, Mersen has developed two types of fuse holder, one with an open base and the other protected against inadvertent contact, available in two versions for a 1XL fuse or for 2XL and 3L fuses. The entire HelioProtection® range is compliant with IEC and UL standards.

New HelioProtection® fuse holder with rotary opening
Mersen has designed a new HelioProtection® fuse holder with rotary gripper. This model is designed for cylindrical fuses from 1 to 32 A (10×85 and 10/14×85) installed on the protective base of each string. This DIN rail-mounted fuse holder, allowing for easier opening than a drawer-style gripper, supplements the screw-in model already available in the range.

New type 1 and type 2 lightning arresters
Mersen is launching a new 1500 V DC type 1 and type 2 lightning arrester. The removable cartridge is compatible with the PCB Plug-in 1500 V DC lightning arrester released in 2018. This internal system, which is compliant with the IEC 61643-31, EN-50539-11 & UL 1449 PV standards on photovoltaic installations, is specially designed to eliminate the need for a protective fuse upline of the installation.


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