Engensa Selected as UK’s First Installer of Solar Frontier Thin Film Panels

Engensa, the UK’s fastest-growing solar energy company, today announced the widespread availability of thin-film panels to homeowners.

Engensa is now offering Solar Frontier as a superior alternative to traditional crystalline silicon PV, based on their aesthetics (matte black rather than mirrored panels), performance in cloudy conditions and minimised environmental impact. Exclusive UK providers of Solar Frontier thin film panels, Engensa were selected for their industry and market knowledge and exceptional customer service.

Engensa recently completed the UK’s first ever installation of Solar Frontier’s attractive solar panels. The 3.04kWp system was installed on a 19th century farmhouse near Bournemouth. The thin-film solar panels were selected for appearance, efficacy in cloudy, diffuse light conditions and the reduced environmental impact of manufacturing thin film compared to traditional silicon solar panels.

Resident Jeremy Hinton had been searching for a solar installation that would not impact the look and feel of the property. “Engensa’s new panels are excellent. Their colour fits very well with the old slate roof and the system actually makes a great addition to the appearance of the house. I get the best of both worlds; a farmhouse with 19th century charm and energy bills that do not reflect 21st century prices”

“We selected Solar Frontier as our thin film panel providers not only for their superior products, but their exceptional industry accreditations and environmental policies,” said Dr. Toby Ferenczi, CTO, Engensa. “Our relationship with Solar Frontier is an example of our commitment to offering our customers the best solar technology available from reputable partners.”

“The UK is ripe for thin film solar adoption, as these panels work well in cloudy weather and the solar panels are visually very appealing,” said Wolfgang Lange, Managing Director, Solar Frontier Europe. “Engensa was the obvious choice for our first UK solar distributor because of their market and industry knowledge, business practices and exceptional service.”


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