Danfoss Solar Inverters ready for grid integration

danfoss inverterDanfoss is fulfilling the voluntary obligation of the VDE's Network Technology and Network Operation Forum (FNN). This means that Danfoss solar inverters will no longer switch off at 50.2 Hz.

This is essential for the further integration of solar power, and therefore for the successful change to a new energy model in Germany. Until now, sudden disconnection from the power grid at 50.2 Hz has been stipulated for solar systems by distribution network operators. For a very long time, the German solar industry has been pressing for this requirement to be abolished.

The current changes to the technical requirements ensure that with the increasing percentage of solar power in the future electricity mix, it can still be integrated smoothly into the network.

"We are very well prepared and, with our ULX and TLX Pro inverters, will comply with the new Low Voltage Directive from 1 July. We also voluntarily comply with the FNN transition rule on the 50.2 Hz issue. Instead of suddenly disconnecting from the network, with all of our devices we now gradually reduce the power within a specific range", states Dirk Leinweber, Head of Danfoss Solar Inverters Germany.   

The three-phase Danfoss TLX and TLX Pro models as well as the single-phase Danfoss ULX models already comply with the voluntary FNN transition rule.   

New Danfoss software update makes things easier for installers In addition to supplying new solar inverters compliant with the FNN transition rule, Danfoss will soon make a new software tool available which will enable installers to commission solar systems to operate according to the FNN transition rule. This tool can also be used effectively and economically for retrofits to already installed systems.   

"Our current activities show very clearly that as a global company with many years of experience in drive and solar technology, we are always able to respond to the local needs of our customers arising from changes in technical or statutory requirements at short notice", adds Dirk Leinweber.

Contact for further information: Dirk Leinweber, Director Sales GER, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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