Tyco Kwikstrut Quick-Fit Solar Panel Supports

Tyco launch of Kwikstrut metal framing and supports for photovoltaic (PV) and solar panel applications. The new Kwikstrut supports can be fitted much quicker than traditional mountings, reducing time and manpower required on site.

The bolts, nuts and washers in the fittings are pre-assembled and light weight and can be fitted single-handedly. Kwikstrut fittings have been developed for use in a variety of locations to suit different requirements, such as large solar fields or on industrial sites. The framing and supports are corrosion resistant and can withstand snow, wind, and high and low temperatures.

The Kwikstrut support system is completely flexible, allowing for custom designed solutions to suit each individual project.

The simple system requires no welding, and the frames and mounts can be disassembled and reassembled quickly and easily if required.

Tyco provides CAD software services to custom design each project and meet industry standards. The technical design service provides comprehensive customised solutions, including easy-to-follow isometric drawings, as well as wind and snow load calculations to DIN standards.

“Quicker installation times will allow PV installers to provide a more efficient service, reducing installation times without compromising reliability” commented Marco Bies. “Tyco is committed to providing complete package solutions, and our regional stocking centres ensure speedy delivery to wherever they are needed, improving efficiency down the chain.”

The new Kwikstrut framing and supports have been developed in response to market growth in the renewable energy industries across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.



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