PMA Installs Largest Solar Project in Region

The Swiss headquarters of PMA have recently undergone a transformation which puts them top of the bill when it comes to being green. Having begun the installation of almost 250 solar panels back in the autumn of 2011, the rooftop system at PMA’s main office in Uster, Switzerland, has revolutionised the building’s power supply.

The development is the largest of its kind in the Zurich highland region, with a whopping 241 panels installed, providing a surface area of around 400 square meters. This grand design has the capacity to supply 15 households with electrical power and PMA nylon cable protection systems have been incorporated into the project to aid its longevity and durability against the elements.

Forward-thinking PMA Manager, Bruno Krauer, first had the idea of fitting a solar energy system on top of the building back in 2006. After discussions with various installation companies, as well as the Swiss government authorities regarding the rate paid for energy fed into the network, by the beginning of 2011 all that remained was to convince the directors of PMA’s new owner Thomas & Betts that the investment was worthwhile.

Be-Netz, the largest and best-known company in the solar panel business, was chosen to implement the installation using PMA’s photovoltaic system, which had been designed to stand up against UV and weather exposure. Indeed, the product’s fire-resistant qualities also proved of great value, when the local building regulations office threatened to halt the project for fear of potential risks associated with voltage levels.

Philip Allington, PMA’s Application & Development Manager said:

“We are delighted with the solar system that has been successfully installed, particularly as it incorporates our specialist products, without which, this project would not have taken place.  The PMA multilayer conduit type XSOLL has impressed Be-Netz so much, they are now using the PMA conduit type for future installations.”

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