The Sun Lights up Ecotricity’s HQ

A Gloucestershire green energy company is practising what it preaches - installing Stroud’s largest array of sun-capturing solar panels on the roof of its headquarters – just beating the deadline when the Government cut Feed-In-Tariff rates.

Ecotricity has installed 150 panels which cover 500 square metres of the Unicorn House building in the centre of Stroud – providing enough renewable energy to power more than 10% of our operations – which includes a new low-energy data centre.

Installation of the frames and panels only took around a week, and they will stay in place for the next 25 years. The panels are a type specifically designed to work in the less sunny conditions us Britons' are used to; they require little or no maintenance and can simply be removed at the end of their natural life and almost completely recycled.

Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity, said:
“All the green energy we use in our buildings up until now has been made by our windmills. But now, a good chunk will be made right here, from the sunlight hitting the roof above our heads.”


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