First Trinamount Installation in Europe Completed

Sundog Energy, an authorized distribution partner of Trina Solar in the UK, installed the 50KWp PV system in the region of Cumbria. The installation consists of the innovative Trinamount mounting system together with 212 Trina Solar modules (TSM PC05, 235 W).

The multicrystalline modules were mounted on a pitched steel roof much faster and easier than using traditional rail based systems. The installation will provide enough solar energy to power a livestock market building during the day. Surplus power will be fed into the national grid generating additional revenue.

Ben Hill, President Europe at Trina Solar said: “We are very pleased  to announce the completion of the first Trinamount project in Europe. This innovative mounting solution is easy to handle, uses less parts and eliminates the need for traditional mounting rails. Mounting our high performance modules with the innovative Trinamount solution saves time and reduces overall system costs. This further increases pricing competitiveness of solar energy compared to traditional energy sources.”

Martin Cotterell, Founder and Technical Director at Sundog, commented: “I personally led the installation team on site from start to finish. We had a race against time and a fight against bad weather conditions. We still managed to meet the tight deadline thanks to Trina Solar’s new mounting system.”

Trinamount hardware is compatible with a wide variety of roof types. Trinamount I is designed for tile roofs. Trinamount II is designed for pitched roofs, and comes with mounting hardware for composition shingle, standing seam, corrugated and trapezoidal metal. Trinamount III is designed for use on flat roofs. All solutions follow the common goal of reducing system costs through an innovative approach to PV mounting methodologies.


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