REA Welcomes DECC’s Solar ‘Plan B’

DECC has laid before Parliament its ‘Plan B’: an order to lower solar PV Feed-in Tariffs with effect from 3rd March. REA Chief Executive Gaynor Hartnell comments.

“The laying of the order is helpful. Regardless of the outcome of the appeal, we now know that installations made after 3rd March will definitely qualify for the new tariff rates.”

We should know the outcome of DECC’s appeal of last month’s Judicial Review by 9th February. If DECC loses, then the higher rates will apply until 3rd March. If DECC wins, it can follow through with its consultation, and implement the decisions it arrives at, having regard to the 2,000+ responses it received. Gaynor Hartnell concludes:

“This removes some of the short-term uncertainty and it is a welcome move. There will have to be a second order covering tariffs for other technologies, clearing up: the rates applicable between 12th December and 3rd March; any energy efficiency requirements it may implement; and a means of adjusting tariffs in line with prices in an orderly manner in future.”


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