Surge Protection for Floating Photovoltaic Systems

Phoenix Contact VAL-MSThe VAL-MS 1000DC/2+F... surge arresters protect photovoltaic systems up to 1000 V. They are particularly suitable for use in large systems.  The arresters can be used in both isolated and midpoint grounded systems thanks to their low protection level.

The protective circuit is thermally and dynamically monitored and disconnects the arrester from the generator voltage in the event of any damage.

The compact arrester blocks consist of a base element and protective connectors. Full functionality of the connectors can be tested using the CHECKMASTER arrester test device.

If a connector indicates a fault due to overload caused by surge voltage, an indicator indicates the status directly. It can then be easily replaced. The status of the arrester can be monitored remotely via a floating PDT contact.

VAL-MS 1000DC/2+F... versions are available with and without a remote indication contact.

Phoenix Contact

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