High Winds Send Solar Panels Crashing Through Norfolk School Roof

The damage forced Acle High School to close in January through fears the wind may put children and staff at risk. Severe gusts created thousands of pounds worth of damage when two solar panels smashed into the glass ceiling of the boy’s toilets. Elsewhere, school skylights were also broken.

However, headteacher Tim Philips said: “These solar panels are quite big and weigh about 30kg, so imagine one of these thing sailing through the air - it becomes a lethal weapon- but things are looking brighter now.

“My major worry was that if I opened the school I would endanger the pupils and staff.”

The wind damaged a third of the school’s solar panels, which were part of a green energy and education project where more than 100 panels were to be installed on the roof.

But Mr Phillips said the damage will not be paid for by the school, but by the company contracted to install them.

Meanwhile, the school is currently seeking planning permission to erect an on-site wind turbine.

Source: EDP24

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