The Solar Future Conference 2012

The Solar Future, UK conference will bring together global experts in solar PV to discuss the strategic issues facing the UK solar industry today.

Speakers at the conference include Jeremy Leggett, Chairman of Solarcentury, Anton Milner, Managing Director of Vogt Group, Reza Shaybani, Chairman BPA, Edwin Koot, CEO of Solarplaza, Ray Noble, owner of Solar BIPV and Rachel Solomon Willimas, Head of Fit Review DECC.

Session 1: Why the UK PV Market will be Alive and Kicking During 2012 and Beyond
Session 2: Market Experiences Supporting Growth Opportunities
Session 3: PV Business Models for the Future
Session 4: Visionary Experts Explaining Why Solar Energy Will Become Cheaper and Be Applied Massively

Price: £695  
Early-bird discount: £100 discount for delegates who register before 18th March

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