Leading Solar Panel Installer to Donate £1 to Charity for Every Panel Installed

Eco Innovations, a leading Sussex-based solar panel installer and renewable energy consultant, is playing a pivotal role in raising funds for a project which aims to significantly improve the standard of living for children in the townships of Soweto and Kapisha, Chingola, Africa.

The Eden Farm project, run by charity ‘Life Support’, has been set up to train local Zambians in farm management and the development of self-sufficiency skills, empowering them to live independently in the long-term.

By donating £1 for every solar panel it installs, Eco Innovations is targeting £30,000 to give to the project where it hopes to eventually design and install a Solar PV installation at the Farm, enabling the residents to safely run general electric equipment such as freezers and lighting. This is as opposed to the current power source of an unreliable diesel fuelled generator.

The project is also of a personal interest to the Eco Innovations management team.

In 2002, Eco Innovations Director Ashley Martin visited the Eden Farm project with friend, Nathanael Edwards – who has since been donated with the project following the retirement of its original founders. In 2009 Nathanael founded ‘Life Support’ with the sole aim of supporting orphans, widows and vulnerable children in Zambia. As part of this project and the restoration of the farm, ‘Life Support’ created the Eden Farm Children’s Village which provides a suitable location for children to learn and further their development.

Ashley Martin comments: “Our aim is to simply help ‘Life Support’ improve living conditions for all of those in Chingola and its surrounding areas. The current diesel fuelled generator is highly expensive to run so it would make both fiscal and environmental sense for the Chingola people to have Solar PVs installed. This would allow a simple chest freezer to run and will improve production capacity and efficiency, particularly when it comes to growing and selling products on the Farm. This is all about the children and we will do whatever it takes to ensure they live amongst clean, and importantly, free energy.”

Nathanael Edwards comments: “I would like to go on record and extend my upmost thanks to Eco Innovations for its continued to support towards what we are trying to achieve here. Whilst it is hard work the rewards are worthwhile – to see the future of child change for the better in front of your eyes is priceless. At the moment we are focused on bringing the Farm back to full working order; providing housing for key workers, restoring the irrigation system and building a lodge for volunteers. Power will be needed in six buildings which is why I wholeheartedly appreciate what Eco Innovations is trying to achieve for us.”

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