MP Sees Benefits of Green Living

Blackley and Broughton MP Graham Stringer has seen how households in his constituency are benefiting from a free solar power initiative offered by Northward Housing and support services company Carillion.

The photovoltaic (PV) panels generate free electricity which can be used in the home and are helping households lower their energy costs by up to a third and sometimes more.

Surplus energy is also fed back into the national grid, which can help to ease pressure on supply.

Northward Housing resident William Ling told Mr Stringer how the system was simple to use and that as a result of the install he was saving around £50 a quarter on his electricity bills. Mr Ling added that in good weather with adequate daylight the electricity he needed around the house for the washing machine and other appliances was now free.

Mr Stringer said: “This innovative scheme is clearly making a huge difference to people like Mr Ling and hundreds of other households in my constituency, and I welcome this partnership approach by Northward Housing and Carillion to make it happen. It is helping ordinary households keep a lid on energy costs and have affordable access to low carbon technology.”

Colin Sowerbutts at Carillion, added: “Our work with Northward is part of a wider programme with social housing providers in the Manchester area and other parts of the UK to make solar and other renewable energy sources more inclusive and not just the preserve of the well off. By the end of the year we should have installed almost 700 systems for Northward.”

Carillion’s solar scheme works by utilising the income from the electricity generated. There is no cost to the resident or the landlord and Carillion will also service and maintain the solar panels for 25 years.

Robin Lawler, CEO of Northwards Housing, said: “Solar PV panels are an invaluable tool in dealing with soaring fuel costs. We have worked hard with Carillion Energy Services to install as many panels as possible for our residents within the short timescales involved. The works we have undertaken will make a huge difference to residents fuel bills.

“Energy efficiency, carbon reduction and addressing fuel poverty is important to Northwards Housing. This scheme with Carillion Energy Services has been a great success in helping us address these items for our residents. The feedback from residents with regard to the contractor and Northwards performance has been very encouraging throughout the process.”

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