EVOENERGY Helps Power 60 Homes at Redhouse Park

Located in the Doncaster countryside, Redhouse Park is a peaceful community offering holiday rents and permanent accommodation for retired and semi-retired people aged 50 and over. The homes are spread over a four-acre site, and a further four acres of parkland includes a bowling green and putting green.

Over the last 35 years the owners have kept the facilities right up to date with a series of improvements to security, electricity supply and waste treatment. Installing PV solar panels was the next logical step, helping all 60 homes reduce their energy bills and lower their environmental impact.

Reassured by our technical expertise and our status as the REA Installer of the Year, the Park owners chose EvoEnergy to carry out the 50kWp install. A section of the field adjacent to the park provided the perfect location for the ground-mounted system, which uses 204 panels from world-leading manufacturer Suntech.

The system took just ten working days to install and will generate 42,903 kWh a year. During the long summer daytimes, it will supply the bulk of the energy needed by the whole park, moving the residents closer to their long-term sustainability goals. It will also reduce CO2 emissions by 22,696kg a year – a big selling point for a community that prides itself on its lush green spaces and tranquil, rural environment.

Panel model:     Suntech 245W
Inverter model:     SMA 17000TL
System size:     49.98 kWp
Annual output:     42,903 kWh/year
CO2 reduction:     22,696 kg/year

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