EVOENERGY Goes VAT Free in March

EvoEnergy is offering to pay the VAT on systems installed during the first week of March – giving new customers tax-free returns of up to 11%.

The last few months have been rather turbulent for the solar industry. A lot of people have been disappointed that they couldn’t book an install while the feed-in tariff was at its highest, and still more are confused about whether solar is still a worthwhile investment.

For anyone who feels they’ve missed out in some way, we hope we can put things right. We’re offering to pay the VAT on any systems installed during the first week of March – that’s 5% off the total install cost*.

With our VAT-free prices, an array of Suntech panels on a south-facing roof would give returns of 11%, and even the same system on an east-facing roof would yield 9%. Whichever way you look at it, it’s a great investment – much better than you’d find with any bank or building society.

In actual fact, the returns you see will be even higher due to inflation, energy price rises and potential over-performance of your PV system depending on where you are in the country.

There are other reasons why March is a sensible time to install. From 1 April any homes claiming feed-in tariff payments will need to submit an energy performance certificate (EPC) at level D or above – a criteria that only 50% of UK homes currently meet. For more information on the EPC, see our previous article.

To take advantage of our March offer, call 08440 150 200 and mention the code ‘VAT FREE’. We can only complete a limited number of installs in this time, so get in touch soon to avoid missing out.

*VAT offer applies to domestic installations only. EvoEnergy reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

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