New RCD/MCB Consumer Units from Sibert Solar

As part of expanding portfolio of products designed to save on-site installation time and to help standardise on aesthetics/methods used when fitting Solar PV systems, Sibert Solar now offers a range of pre-assembled RCD/MCB "garage" consumer units. 

Pre-assembled and connected combination RCD and MCB enclosures are now available in a range of sizes to suit a variety of applications.  Utilising the excellent range of Doepke RCDs (Type-A or Type-B) and MCBs (single, double or triple-pole) contained within a neat and tidy IP enclosure, these units are aimed at helping the Solar PV installer to reduce time on-site whilst helping to standardise on the aesthetics and functionality of the circuit-protective requirements relating to earth-leakage and over-current protection.

•    4-way, 6-way or 8-way IP-rated enclosures
•    2-pole or 4-pole RCDs
•    Type-AC, Type-A or Type-B RCD classes
•    High-quality MCBs with b-type or c-type trip characteristics
•    Supplied with pre-connected busbars and neutral straps as standard

Sibert Solar

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