Blackshaws Garage Uses Hyundai Solar PV Panels to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Blackshaws Garage, a family run company that has been established for over 90 years had three main objectives for installing Solar PV panels, they wanted to significantly reduce their carbon footprint, and to generate an income through the feed in tariff and save on electricity bills which had reached £30,000 a year.

About the Project
The solar panels are the latest in a number of green initiatives being undertaken by Blackshaws. David Blackshaw, MD approached various solar companies as part of competitive quoting process for the project.

Eco Environments were selected for the project consisting of 122 Hyundai solar panels due to the expertise and knowledge shown throughout the quote process and because of the highly competitive price that was offered.  David Blackshaw, Managing Director of Blackshaws, said: “The Eco Environments team did a fantastic job in the face of horrendous winds to get us installed.

“A survey was done on our lighting consumption which revealed that we could make savings over three or four years of as much as 25 per cent.

“We see it as a very good financial investment which will also significantly reduce our carbon footprint over the coming years. It is great to know we now make money even when we aren’t open for business and we are excited about the full potential of the panels when the sun comes out!”

David Hunt, a director with Eco Environments, said: “An ever growing number of businesses with significant energy consumption are choosing to invest in a range of renewable energy technologies with solar panels being the most popular.

"Businesses can receive a return on investment of up to 15 per cent combined with huge savings to their carbon footprint. “Blackshaws is an ideal customer because they understand the importance and significant benefits of developing a comprehensive environmental strategy with solar PV as one of the key elements.”

What was done?

Installation of a 30kW solar array consisting of 122 Hyundai Solar PV panels.


    To become more sustainable
    Reduce electricity bills

Project Outcomes

    Blackshaws Garage has reduced its Carbon Emissions by over 12 tons per annum.
    They now save £2500 on electricity bills, increasing year on year.
    Estimated 25.5% average annual return on investment.

Eco Environments Ltd

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