Carlisle MP Suggests Governement Ensures all New Builds Require Solar Panels

John Stevenson MP questioned ministers from the Department of Communities and Local Government regarding the inclusion of solar panels on new build housing.

In his question to Andrew Stunell MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, John acknowledged that DCLG is currently consulting on changes to building regulations across Britain. He suggested that ‘in order to help to reduce energy costs for home owners and to create a proper market in renewables,’ the Department may consider making solar panels compulsory on all new builds.

Mr Stunell offered a positive response to the question by replying that he too has a ‘desire to make sure that homes are more energy efficient and that energy bills fall.’ He commented that DCLG ‘have already raised building standards by 25%,’ and that they are consulting on the next step.

Mr Stunell stressed that ‘If we implement the proposals in the consultation, we will need people to use renewable energy sources in building schemes.’

John said ‘I will be contributing to the consultation which is currently ongoing regarding building regulations. If the Government can find a way to ensure that all new builds are required to have solar panels, homes would be more energy efficient and the energy costs for these households would be reduced.’

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