Broad Range of Groups Responds to Solar Review

A wide range of organisations, businesses and unions have called on the Government to ensure their solar plans deliver the Coalition's new ambition to generate more energy from the sun.

Wide range of partners
The Government has set an ambitious target of the equivalent of 4 million solar homes by 2020 but hasn't yet explained how it'll be achieved.

"The Government recently pledged a huge increase in solar by the end of the decade; it must now spell out how it is going to achieve this"
Andy Atkins, Executive Director, Friends of the Earth

A broad coalition of groups including:

•  The Federation of Small Businesses
•  Trade Union Congress
•  Country Land and Business Association
•   And many more

have proposed a number of measures for the Government to make sure solar plans stay on track.

How to meet their plans:
These measures include:

•   Making sure tariff rates are set to meet the 2020 ambition - meaning they can go up as well as down if they're not on track to meet the Government's target.
•  Certainty about returns - people need to be sure about the tariff rate their solar project will receive
•  A sensible link to energy efficiency - people should only have to install loft and cavity wall insulation before receiving the tariff

"These recommendations will help the Government achieve their ambitious targets on solar and help farming and rural enterprises drive down their carbon emissions"
Oliver Harwood, Chief Surveyor Country, Land and Business Association

Clean British energy
We need a booming solar industry that can help us get off the fossil fuel hook.

The proposals outlined in this response would put us on track to achieving clean British energy we can all afford.

By: friends of the earth

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