Silver Fox Creates Savings Out Of Thin Air

Labelling solutions manufacturer, Silver Fox have invested in solar power as part of their commitment to the environment and also to take advantage of subsidies available through the UK’s feed-in-tariff, to save on utility bills.

Using one of the smallest commercial PV systems in the UK, Silver Fox has generated 1000 KW (1 MW) of electricity in less than six months. The 4 kWp rooftop system comprises of just 16 Tenesol PV panels and is generating serious revenue while at the same time allowing a reduction in utility bills at an impressive rate.

“We are astonished by how much power the system generates,” says Nick Michaelson, CEO of Silver Fox. “A lot of people think the UK has no sun but even over the winter months our system has proved its worth. And we’ve discovered that PV systems still generate electricity when the sun is hiding behind the clouds.”

Completed in September, 2011, installation took just three days and was carried out by Tenesol’s local installation partner J Brand, an electrical contractor.

Silver Fox is a leading manufacturer of labelling solutions. The company produces innovative, durable and efficient systems for data & telecoms, electrical and energy industries worldwide.

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