First Ever Agrément PV Approval

Viridian Solar has become the first solar manufacturer to be awarded a BBA Agrément Certificate for its Clearline range of solar photovoltaic panels (12/4902). This follows another first for the Cambridgeshire based company having been awarded the first Agrément Certificate for a solar heating panel back in 2008.

Since its launch the company has grown rapidly, with early success in the UK new-build market followed by international sales. Keen to keep production in the UK, Viridian Solar developed its solar heating range with a moulded design for rapid manufacture keeping production costs down so that it could compete favourably with lower cost imports.

Close collaboration with construction professionals during the development led to a product that installs neatly and simply.  As a forward thinking company Viridian Solar was the first in the solar industry to test its solar thermal panels as a construction product to demonstrate the roof weathertightness, durability, wind resistance and fire safety of the installed product gaining Agrément Approval. Now Viridian's PV range has also been awarded a BBA Agrément Certificate.

"We're delighted not only to hold the first ever BBA Agrément for solar thermal, but now to add the first for solar PV shows our commitment to ensuring our products are 'fit for purpose' ", said Stuart Elmes, CEO of Viridian Solar. "Having third party approval from an independent and respected notified body such as the BBA is important in differentiating us from our competitors."

The new certification means that Viridian Solar now has comprehensive cover for its solar thermal and solar PV panels, and both tiled and slate roofing kits asan Agrément Certificate is only awarded to a construction product or system after it has successfully passed a comprehensive assessment involving laboratory testing on-site evaluations and inspections of production. The manufacturer will also be audited ensuring that a suitable quality management system is in place.

Regular monitoring of the product manufacture by the BBA takes place twice a year with a full and comprehensive reassessment every three years. Agrément Certificates are recognised by building control, government departments, architects, local authorities, specifiers and industry insurers like the NHBC. The award of an Agrément Certificate is a must for a new construction product or system to gain quick acceptance in the marketplace.

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