STA Welcomes Delay to Solar Tariff Cuts

The Solar Trade Association welcomed Secretary of State Ed Davey’s confirmation today that DECC will be delaying the next round of cuts to the Feed-in Tariff for solar PV. Energy Minister Greg Barker said that this decision was the result of “listening carefully to industry”.

Sales have been slow in April and May since the introduction of new energy efficiency requirements and the UK’s slide back into recession, but this delay gives industry the opportunity to reignite the solar market with the simple message: “PV pays!”

Solar does not only protect homeowners from rising energy bills – it actually delivers a great return on investment too. Householders can currently enjoy returns of up to 10%, tax-free, index-linked, for 25 years. Solar is also very long lasting, and its lack of moving parts make it exceptionally reliable. The cost of solar power has been coming down faster than any other energy generation technology, so even though the tariffs have been reduced, returns are still as good as when the scheme started.

Juliet Davenport, Founder and CEO of Good Energy, the UK's only 100% renewable electricity supplier, said:
“The fact is that solar is too great an opportunity to be overlooked. It’s not only a powerful way of giving households and businesses greater control over their energy bills, but has a vital role to play as part of our national energy portfolio.

“Already we’re seeing how solar makes a natural partner for more intermittent forms of renewable generation, like wind. That’s going to become more and more important in years to come, and it’s time to invest today for the energy market of tomorrow.”

Dr Doug Parr, Policy Director at Greenpeace UK, said:
“Solar power remains a truly renewable source of power that we need in tackling UK gas dependency and climate change. Many householders will still have the opportunity to contribute to moving the UK to a sustainable low carbon world.”

Paul Barwell, Chief Executive of the STA, said:
“There are two great reasons for homeowners to invest in PV today: The costs of solar power have fallen through the floor and our energy bills are going through the roof.

"It is very encouraging for the future that Government is listening to industry concerns, but we need certainty as soon as possible on the details of when and what the next tariff adjustments will be.”

Solar Trade Association

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