Oxfordshire Sports and Leisure Centres Receive Solar boost

Increasingly, Cherwell District Council has been investing in a Sustainable Procurement Strategy plan. In October 2011, the council turned to Myriad Solar and awarded the company with two Solar PV contracts after a rigorous tender evaluation and appraisal process.

A part of the council’s Sustainable Procurement Strategy plan involves these objectives:

•    To reduce fossil fuel and overall energy use to minimise climate change;
•    Reduce use of hazardous and harmful materials;
•    To reduce waste.

Myriad Solar fulfilled all the pre-qualification criteria, in terms of health and safety, contract management, pricing and quality. We produced a comprehensive, compliant and competitive contractor’s proposal to the council, which they chose to accept.

The Requirement
To meet Cherwell District Council’s Sustainable Procurement Strategy needs across two leisure centre sites, through contracted design, supply, installation and commissioning of Solar PV.

The Solution
Across these two sites, Myriad Solar provided a full turnkey system, which includes:

•    A design including energy generation simulation;
•    Structural design and building control;
•    A Health & Safety document complying with CDM regulations;
•    Programming;
•    Supply & installation of high quality equipment of European and British standards;
•    Commissioning including grid connection testing and witnessing by DNO;
•    A comprehensive O&M file;
•    25 years remote monitoring, enabling Myriad Solar to monitor performances of the systems, and immediately attend any defects or faults.

Kidlington Sports Centre: Myriad Solar designed a 99.6kWp system for this leisure centre, with 415 Upsolar panels supplying 240W, and 5 SMA 17000TL inverters. These were installed on a variety of complex roof structures, including a curved metal seam clamp roof, a pitched metal seam clamp roof and a pitched tiled roof. This achieves an output of 76572 kWh/year, which saves 40 tonnes of CO2 a year.

Spiceball Leisure Centre: Here, Myriad Solar installed a 56.6kWp system, with 240 Upsolar panels at 240W, plus 3 SMA 17000TL inverters. These panels were placed on a curved seam clamp roof, which resulted in a generated output of 44282 kWh/year, plus CO2 savings of 23 tonnes a year.

Myriad Solar designed and worked closely with Cherwell District Council throughout this project in order to achieve the highest quality finish, with the ability to monitor these systems for future maintenance, providing a highly productive Solar PV system.


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