Eaton Launches New Green Building Brochure

Eaton has launched a brand new brochure entitled ‘Green Building: Products, Services, Solutions’. The brochure offers new ideas on how to use energy in buildings as safely, efficiently, reliably and in the most eco-friendly way possible.

The brochure compromises ten main chapters, which include topics such as:  

‘Power Management - Photovoltaic solutions’ - The sun provides 15,000 times the amount of energy required worldwide – reliably and free of charge. Photovoltaic systems collect this valuable energy in solar cells that convert sunlight into electrical energy. Eaton sets standards with its range of innovative components for emission-free energy generation that is becoming increasingly profitable and sustainable.

‘Sustainable building infrastructure and automation’ - Eaton’s systems and solutions add the factor of sustainability to buildings of all sizes and purposes. Discover what makes a Green Building green, and how Eaton can minimise your impact on the environment and reduce costs at all levels;  

‘Power Management - Power Xpert® and xComfort’ - whether it is commercially or privately used, important electrical systems are not clearly monitored in most properties. Eaton offers Power Xpert®, the first system to treat the power supply as a key strategic factor. For homes and small commercial buildings there is the xComfort system that actively monitors and conveniently automates building services from heating and ventilation to lighting and electric circuits.



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