Crimp Pak MC4 Solar Panel Crimp Tool

Crimp Pak continues to expand its high-quality product portfolio by announcing the new addition of an MC4 Solar Panel Crimp Tool.

The MC4 Solar Crimp Tool provides 1.2 metric tons of pressure at the crimping face, which ensures a strong connection with the MC4 connectors. The scientific leverage design of the MC4 crimping tool saves energy for the user when operating by allowing the user to crimp using minimal effort and therefore provides excellent handling.

With an interchangeable high-precision crimping die set and an interchangeable magnetic locator, the MC4 Solar Crimp Tool can ensure precision positioning of terminals and a high quality crimping effect after crimping repeatedly.

The MC4 Solar Crimp Tool has a crimping range of 2.5/4/6mm 26-10AWG. This is specifically designed for the MC4 connectors, which are most commonly found in solar PV systems.

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