AGRenewables and Great Glemham Farms Propose 15MW Solar Park

Great Glemham Farms and AGRenewables are proposing the development of a 15MW solar farm near Great Glemham. If constructed the site would generate up to 15,135MWh of low carbon electricity eac year – enough to power the equivalent of 4,586 average UK households and prevent approximately 6,508 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere annually.*

The low carbon electricity generated by the site would be exported to the national grid and would help the UK meet its targets, to generate 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020 and to cut annual greenhouse gas emissions by half by 2025 (from 1990 levels). The generation of local electricity will also help the district and county councils make important contributions to regional renewable energy and carbon reduction targets.

In addition to this the solar farm would provide electricity to the farm, helping reduce both its carbon footprint and running costs. Other benefits to the farm will include the employment associated with long-term maintenance contracts for managing new and improved hedgerows, the establishment and management of a wildflower sward between the panels and use of the solar farm site for sheep grazing.

The site
The site is located approximately 1 kilometre to the south west of Great Glemham village and the panels would be installed on grade 3 agricultural land, which previously formed part of the former Parham Airfield.

The solar farm is proposed to be operational for 20 years, after which time the site would be restored to its former condition. The solar farm would cover approximately 75 acres (30 hectares) of land.

Environmental benefits
This proposal has been developed in partnership with Great Glemham Farms to deliver a range of environmental benefits, including additional planting and measures to increase biodiversity in and around the site. The additional planting will consist of native species designed to integrate well with their surroundings and be consistent with the on-going work of the farms to protect and enhance local wildlife.

* Using a carbon displacement figure of 430g CO2/kWh and average household electricity consumption of 3,300kWh per annum (Sources: RenewableUK and Ofgem)

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