Danfoss ConnectSmart™- quite literally, it’s plug and play

When Danfoss designed the new CLX range of remote monitoring units, they looked at the installation from an installer’s point of view.

This meant they had to be quick to install, free from all IT hassle and simply work first time. Thanks to ConnectSmart this really is the case out in the field. In real-life installers immediately appreciate the simplicity of the solution.

“Plug and play is a claim we see a lot,” says Dirk Bruhn, Project Manager at SPR, “But with ConnectSmart, it’s true…Danfoss say it takes five minutes to install, but it actually takes less than that –including removing it from its protective wrapping in the box!”  

Installers have more valuable things to do on site than dealing with annoying IT issues.With the new CLX range featuring patented ConnectSmart technology, buying and configuring IP addresses and tweaking firewalls are a thing of the past.  

“After plugging in the ethernet cable to the router and inverter, a green LED came on to show the CLX was powered on. A few seconds later, the flashing yellow, green and red lights signal that the unit’s online, communicating with the inverters and that ConnectSmart is doing its job – it’s incredibly fast,” says Dirk. “In the past, a job like this could take up to an hour. Now it takes just a few minutes.”

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