Wireless Communication In The PV Park

combiner boxesThe new string combiner boxes with integrated wireless modules from Phoenix Contact minimise the amount of cabling required when installing PV parks.

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Scalable Solar Park Management From Phoenix Contact

solar park managementThe new seamless solar park management system from Phoenix Contact is the foundation for comprehensive park management.

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Scorching Summers And Solar

Paul Hutchens, Director of Midlands-based solar specialists Eco2Solar, discusses how the hot summer has impacted the solar industry, how Scotland is outstripping the rest of UK in green energy generation, how national legislation is failing to meet public demand for environmental policy and what this means for house builders and house owners.

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New Standard For Ground-mounted Photovoltaic Power Plants Released

PD IEC TS 62738PD IEC TS 62738
Ground-mounted Photovoltaic Power Plants
Design Guidelines And Recommendations
Publication Date: 22 August 2018

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STA Launches Industry’s First-ever Best Practice Manual On Distribution Network Outages

The Solar Trade Association (STA) today launched the UK solar industry’s first-ever best practice manual on the management and mitigation of network outages for Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), and for solar farms connected to their networks.

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A New Era? The Changing Response To Solar

Paul Hutchens is Director of Midlands-based solar specialists, Eco2Solar. He is a board member of the Solar Trade Association (STA), the UK's leading solar industry voice, and Chairman of the STA’s New Build Working Group which aims to inform governments, councils, house builders and consumers about sustainability in housing.

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