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New PV Modules For Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas

BISOL group has introduced a new range of colour combinations of BISOL Spectrum PV modules for listed buildings and conservation areas.

To-date we have witnessed an admirable uptake of photovoltaics on residential and commercial buildings, however little has been done on designing the PV systems to comply with the strict criteria of listed buildings and buildings in conservation areas, where unobtrusive design and preserving buildings’ genuine visual appearance are of essence.

Compromising building’s historical look is no longer required as BISOL Groups has introduced new colour combinations of BISOL Spectrum PV modules, which  are available as an on-roof or building integrated option, either way allowing the PV system to fully blend in with even the most particular roof types, opening up new possibilities of applying photovoltaic also to most delicate historic and listed buildings in conservation areas - All that in an unobtrusive manner and preserving or even enhancing buildings’ historic appearance. Every BISOL Spectrum PV plant will truly become an integral part of the building by either seamlessly blending into the historic character of the building in its natural setting or by contributing in the manifestation of the building’s modern design features.

As an exclusive series, the BISOL Spectrum PV modules offer all the advantages of premium BISOL PV modules guaranteeing high energy yields and long life spans, hence you no longer have to compromise aesthetics for efficiency when harnessing the endless power of the sun.

BISOL: 0208 916 2404

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