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SolarWorld Show Bifacial Module At Ecobuild

SolarWorld’s Sunmodule Bisun combines two cutting-edge technologies in a single module: the Bisun is a glass-glass module that generates power on both the front as well as the rear sides.

In addition, it consists of bifacial cells based on PERC technology. The result is up to 25% more energy yield. SolarWorld presented the Sunmodule Bisun and other technology innovations at the Ecobuild earlier this month.

Sunmodule Bisun: 25% more output with bifacial cells
The Sunmodule Bisun consists of 60 bifacial cells. The “double-sided” cells are a further development of SolarWorld’s PERC high-performance cell. Bifacial solar modules use incident light both on the front as well as the rear sides. The second glass panel on the rear of the module ensures that indirect light from reflecting rays of sunlight also reach the cells from the back, thus allowing the module to achieve a higher efficiency. The double-sided power generation makes the Sunmodule Bisun ideal for flat roofs and ground-mounted systems, where light is reflected from the surface. The amount of light that is absorbed via the rear depends on the type of surface. White surfaces and the optimal elevation of the modules can increase the output by 25%. In addition to the higher yield, the long lifespan and durability also make bifacial module solar power systems more economical: The embedding of the cells in glass means that they are optimally protected against environmental and mechanical influences, and therefore last longer. The Sunmodule Bisun has a guaranteed lifespan of at least 30 years. The longer service life and higher yield significantly reduce the power generation costs per kilowatt hour.

In addition to the Sunmodule Bisun SolarWorld will be showing a new storage system: SunPac LiOn has been developed last year and is already available on the German market. SolarWorld also showed a new UK version of the battery storage system. Designed to fit in your home it is slim and lightweight and with a depth of only 22cm it will fit on any wall in your home.


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