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SMA Sunny Boy Storage 2.5 now Available

SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) announces the UK launch of the Sunny Boy Storage 2.5, a high-voltage battery-compatible inverter for private households.

The Sunny Boy Storage has already been available in Germany since April and will be rolled out in the main storage markets in Europe and Australia within the next months. SMA is the only provider that can currently offer an AC-coupled system for high-voltage batteries.

The Sunny Boy Storage combines the flexibility of AC coupling with the use of high-voltage batteries for the first time. Customers therefore benefit from both markedly reduced system and installation costs and flexible applications. In turn, this offers PV system operators and installers a variety of other benefits. Thanks to the AC coupling, the battery inverter can be easily and cost-effectively integrated into new and existing PV systems. PV system operators can therefore make themselves more independent from electric utility companies and reduce their electricity bills by using as much self-generated solar power in their homes as possible. Hence the Sunny Boy Storage is both a sensible extension for homeowners currently benefitting from the older/higher Feed-in Tariffs and also customers wishing to invest in new PV systems where self-consumption will be as important as the income from the current FiT.

Maximum flexibility for new and existing systems
With the Sunny Boy Storage, battery and SMA Energy Meter components, even an existing PV system can be quickly and easily converted into a full-fledged storage system, with the PV system remaining untouched thanks to the AC coupling of the storage system and standardized interfaces. This means that the system can also be subsequently adjusted at any time to meet individual requirements such as an increase in energy demand or the integration of an electric vehicle. "We estimate the UK residential PV storage market in 2016 around 1,000 to 2,000 systems due to limited availability of batteries. Thereafter, the retrofit market will dominate with a potential of hundreds of thousands of homes", said James Felstead, Head of Sales at SMA Solar UK. PV system operators can find out about the energy flows in their household and view potential savings at any time via the SMA online portal, Sunny Places. With the SMA Sunny Home Manager, the storage system can also be integrated into a comprehensive intelligent energy management system. To offer end users maximum long-term reliability and flexibility, SMA collaborates with all leading manufacturers of high-voltage batteries, including Tesla Energy, additional manufacturers to follow shortly.


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