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Solution For Monitoring And Controlling Large-scale Photovoltaics System From Phoenix Contact

array controlThe Phoenix Contact Array Control switchgear and control-gear assembly helps system operators and planners to implement efficient park management for large-scale photovoltaic systems.

A solar system consists of a variety of string combiner boxes, inverters, and additional monitoring components such as reference sensors, weather stations or energy meters. In order to manage the accumulated data volume, the photovoltaic park is divided into individual segments called arrays.

The switchgear and control-gear assembly receives the measuring data in an array according to a uniform data model and forwards these to a central control room. Pre-programmed function blocks simplify the connection of individual components, such as inverters, to the Array Control. In the event of a network overload, the inverter is controlled, in order to reduce the power, the Array Control box also takes on numerous diagnostic functions, e.g., in the event of a drop in performance in a string, then can alert the control room to the issue.


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