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Mersen Exhibits An Expanded Portfolio Of Electrical Protection Components At Intersolar Europe

Mersen exhibited an expanded portfolio of electrical protection components during Intersolar Europe in Munich. As Intersolar Europe was held in parallel with EES ( Electrical Energy Storage), it was the perfect opportunity to showcase how much Mersen’s product line has grown since the company changed is name 8 years ago.

Mersen is not only a fuse manufacturer but is now an expert in electrical power. The offering encompasses electrical protection and control with surge protective devices, fuses and switches; and solutions for power management with all passive components in power electronics: laminated bus bars, cooling devices, capacitors, surge suppressors and high-speed fuses.

During the last two months, Mersen expanded its product portfolio with three acquisitions:
• Mersen and Caly Technologies unite their strength to better serve power electronics and electrical distribution markets. Mersen expands its portfolio of over-current, surge protection and current-limiting products and solutions while developing its expertise in semiconductor technologies.

• Mersen strengthens its position in the laminated bus bar market with the acquisition of Idealec, a renowned expert in this business.

• Mersen bolsters its power electronics offer wih the acquisition of FTCap. FTCap has 70 years of experience in the development and production of power capacitors.

With these acquisitions, Mersen has strengthened its position of preferred partner for the global power electronics market.

During Intersolar Europe, Mersen highlighted some recent additions to its product portfolio:
• Mersen enriches its offer of HelioProtection® gPV fuses for the protection of photovoltaic systems with two new sizes of NH-style gPV fuses: size 1XL (50A to 200A) and size 2XL (125A to 250A) for both plain blade models mounted in base and models for direct mounting. The range of bases for mounting NH plain blade models has been refined with brand-new items.

• Mersen launches a new 1500 VDC HelioProtection® fuse holder series for 10/14x85mm gPV fuses. This product introduces the next level of safety for utility-scale photovoltaic applications. The HP15FHM32 fuse holders are finger safe (IP20 ingress protection rated) and feature a rotating fuse carrier. The HP15FHM32 series input and output terminals accept standard PV rated wiring and comb bus bars, providing added versatility for end-use installations. The body features high performance UL 94 V-0 rated polymer material, providing superior flammability rating, with exceptional durability and dielectric withstand properties.

• Mersen launches plug-in surge protection for PCBs. SB PCB is the series of socket bases that allows for integration of Mersen’s pluggable IEC surge protection cartridges directly on printed circuit boards. These surge cartridges will be easily replaceable upon reaching end of life. SB PCB is an optimal solution for the industry of power electronics: inverters, converters, control panels for railway, PV combiner boxes, machines, OEM equipment, etc. Key benefits are cost efficiency, space efficiency, no wiring and optimal voltage protection of sensitive electronics.

• Mersen has designed a multipole surge protective device for multiple maximum power point tracking (MPPT) solar inverters. They are type 1+2 / class I+II and type 2/class II devices intended for discharging lightning currents (10/350µs) and protecting against induced voltage surges (8/20µs) in accordance with EN 50539-11, IEC 61643-31 and UL1449 (type 2).

• Mersen is focused on the electrical energy storage market. Mersen’s χs-ES Power Relay has been engineered to provide high DC switching performance versus conventional mechanical power relays. This series addresses DC-applications like Electrical Energy Storage, PV installations and other DC-Smart Grid. χs-ES provides maximum flexibility in equipment design and ultimate DC operation performance. This Power Relay is a Hybrid technology with the capability of switching both high voltage and high current, designed specifically for electrical vehicle applications.

• Mersen has designed a specific Protistor® 1500VDC high-speed fuse for the protection of electrical energy storage battery packs. These fuse-links are typically operated at more elevated temperature than other fuse types, have lower I²t to minimize damage to protected components on short circuits, lower watt loss and longer life. The design is supported by a classic size 72 square body for DC fuses.

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