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New Solar Tile! The Solarcentury 'C21e plain tile'

Solarcentury are launching a new solar electric roof tile! In response to high demand, the Solarcentury C21e solar electric plain tile is a first of a kind solar product for tiled roofs. Its design allows the three million roofs in the UK with traditional small format plain tiles to simply integrate solar.

Solarcentury’s British designed C21e tile and slate products, provide a chance for more UK homes to go solar in style. The company first launched its Queen’s award winning C21e solar electric roof tile in 2005. Its C21e slate followed in 2008, with the products now on thousands of homes in the UK with growing demand in Italy and France.

Martin White, Product Manager, Solarcentury said:

"Solarcentury’s C21e solar electric roof tiles have proved very popular with home owners and house builders. Our aim is to make solar simple to specify, install and own; with our new C21e plain tile, we can help even more people go solar every day. The Feed-in tariff has boosted demand for solar significantly, and we see that set to continue as conventional energy prices rise. National and local solar installers and roofing contractors have adopted C21e, due to its design flexibility and ease of installation, and we see that set to continue in 2012 as customers seek out products that deliver good looking returns, without compromising on quality.”   

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