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It’s a Revolution in Switching for the PV Industry

A groundbreaking set of products launched by Santon is providing a much needed safe and efficient solution for domestic PV installations.

Set to become the industry standard and the first choice for PV installers, the Santon Solution is the first PV switchgear system that is specifically designed for domestic PV installations.

The Santon Solution for domestic PV wiring is up to two-thirds quicker to install than conventional loose components. It incorporates unique and patented safety features. Foolproof and practical, it complies fully with BS7671 and the DTI’s guide on the safe installation of photovoltaic systems.

So, what makes the Santon Solution different from other products available to the industry?

Neil Parry of Natural Innovation has been fitting PV installations for 3 years. Having trialled the Santon Solution he had this to say about the products.

“This product ticks all the boxes for me. I am sure it will do the same for every other installer. It is far quicker to install than anything else I‘ve used. I want to be able to fit the product quickly, know it is safe and fool-proof.

I was impressed with the interlocking ac and dc switches which make it impossible to get the switching system wrong, once we have finished the installation. At last I feel safe knowing the customer shouldn’t come to any harm. Best of all is the fact that unless the switches are in the OFF position and locked, then access to any connections (both ac and dc) is impossible making it totally safe.

It doesn’t rely on labels for safety, all the safety features are simply built in. The DTI recommendations say that all dc switches should be specifically designed for dc ratings rather than using an ac switch for a dc job. The Santon Solution is fitted with a true dc switch.

I chose a meter and a surge suppressor for the combined switch that I installed. I used the little ac switch with the combined switch and the customer was impressed that it didn’t look out of place. Generally I would avoid mounting the ac isolator anywhere that can be seen, but because the domestic look of Santon’s little ac switch I fitted it in the hall.  It’s the only product I will be using in the future and I have asked my local wholesaler to stock them. Everything about the range suggests that an experienced electrical installer must have been involved in the design somewhere.  It makes a change to see something that’s been designed with the installer in mind, rather than trying to adapt existing components. At last someone’s thought of everyone!”

The Santon Solution is innovative it provides a range of products to meet every need in a domestic PV installation. They really have thought of everything for the installer and the house-holder.

For more information or the address of your local supplier contact Santon on 01633 252371


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